Thursday, July 27, 2006

...and monitoring the manipulators

Click here for a useful US site that I will be no doubt plundering for resources at regular intervals. Run by Source Watch (formerly the Center for Media and Democracy), it espouses the cause of uncensored and unrestricted journalism to expose malpractices by the State and by big corporations. It does include references to the UK press but generally seeks to expose spin and media manipulation. Check out the links to some revealing articles in the Center's journal, PR Watch.

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Pete Wilby said...

I started plundering straight away and came across the classic 'war is peace' oxymoron presented by George W. Bush and reported by the Washington Post. This is the newspaper that alerted the world to Watergate back in the 70s and is seen today by some conservative critics as a shade too liberal, despite the support by its editorial board for the war in Iraq.

The article reports on the US Government's views of the current hostilities between Israel and Lebanon, described by Bush as a 'step to peace' and includes a fascinating quote from a White House spokesman on how a moment of clarity has arrived as a result of this!

The original article is on

(You'll have to copy and paste the URL for the original article - I can't set up a direct link here for some reason)

Pete Wilby said...

Now I can! Click here