Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Could Channel 4 Give Your Mortgage Cancer?

The excellent Strive Notes blog was quicker off the mark than me, but I must alert Screaming Headline readers to this article in Monday's Guardian.

As preparations become more feverish for the new semester of teaching, among other things, a module called Journalism in Context, I found Peter Cole's article a potentially useful resource with its characterisation of the Express and the Mail and their reflection (reinforcement?) of the values of 'Middle England'.

Coincidentally, Caroline Wilson alerted me to another link which provides a fun distraction with its random generation of Daily Mail headlines - offering further insight into the values of Britain's second biggest selling daily.

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Pete Wilby said...

Here's Part 2 of Peter Cole's serialised account of the British press - focus on the redtops.

I found myself on BBC Radio WM last Wednesday evening, talking about the survival and continuing cultural impact of the tabloids on the Danny Kelly Show. One of his reseachers had known about Screaming Headlines and I'm now in the contacts book as a 'Lecturer in Media Theory'.

Pete Wilby said...

And here's Part 3 - focus on the 'qualities'

Pete Wilby said...

And here's Part 4 on Sunday supplements