Friday, August 04, 2006

Sex, lies and News Of The World

There's no mention yet in the current online version of News Of The World of Tommy Sheridan's success in suing Rupert Murdoch's Sunday organ for libellous stories about the Scottish MP's sex life.

The tabloid has been ordered to pay £200,000 damages although it plans to appeal. Meanwhile, it looks as if this Sunday's edition will regale us with claims that one of the brothers, whose home was raided in Forest Gate by police looking for a 'cyanide bomb', was collecting child porn images on his computer. Ah well - no longer the anti-terrorist squad got confused. Terrorosts, sex fiends, they're all the same...

The NOW will also be delving into the sex life of another politician - this time the avuncular TV pundit, Michael Portillo who seems to have been reinstated in the public eye as a hot-blooded heterosexual. The story uses quaint, old-fashioned language which is more in keeping with tales of Jeeves and Wooster - Portillo is described as having 'romps' with a 'Hungarian beauty' who has been joining him for 'trysts' during her lunch beak. What-ho!

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Pete Wilby said...

Well they're putting up a robust attack now. The NOW are lodging an appeal and are setting out their stall. It's basically a case of contrasting credibility - which Scottish Socialist Party member do you believe?

Meanwhile, the Portillo story has disappeared from their web site to make way for more revelations about Ian Huntley.

Pete Wilby said...

Following my comments on the tabloid use of language, Stephen Brooks offers some worthwhile observations on the Guardian's Organ Grinder blog.

Pete Wilby said...

The Press Gazette reports on how the NoW is biting back with a tape recording that they claim confirms Sheridan's guilt and vindicates their original story. It all reads very convincingly - until the paragraph of the article.