Sunday, March 09, 2008

Brass Tack #12 - Offer different angles to different news media

Sending out a standard press release to several news organisations can be an effective way of spreading your story quickly. However, it does put the onus on editors to find a unique way of telling the story so that it does not duplicate text that appears in rival publications.

There is a long-running debate on whether PROs should be ‘spoon-feeding’ stories to hard-pressed and understaffed newsrooms and most journalists do take pride in being able to produce an engaging and original story. Offering an exclusive angle on the story could encourage better coverage and prominence.

This does not mean producing individualised press releases to different news media, but it may be worth including the standard press release in customised press packs. The packs might also include exclusive interview opportunities or specially selected photographs.

Some basic research of targeted news media might suggest different angles appropriate for each. If one newspaper tends to focus on human-interest stories, you could offer some background material on how the story affects an individual family. If a local radio station’s output includes business reports, why not include a brief fact sheet on market profiles and profit forecasts.

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Anonymous said...

Uniquely interesting blog; a good read.

Pete Wilby said...

Thank you. :)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

An excellent series of articles. And I may be taking your advice as I've got to write a press release shortly!

Pete Wilby said...

Again thank you - and thanks for checking back even though I've been out of the blogosphere for a while. Still a few more brass tacks to go - hope they help with your media relations project!